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Specialised inventory-management services keep small businesses moving

Inventory management is among the main challenges small businesses face during the gestation period.

“It ranks right up there with limited access to finance and difficulties in finding customers. Some of these businesses don’t track their inventory while others do not even have such a register. This can lead to late shipments, delayed order processing and poor customer experience. Bridgewater Logistics’ centralised warehouses have made it easier for small businesses to track and manage their inventory by being able to store, ship and distribute products more efficiently,” Quinton de Villiers, manging director of Bridgewater Logistics, says.

Generally, small businesses approach Bridgewater Logistics at the point when they are spending too much time on fulfilling orders using the most basic inventory-management processes, and are, thus, looking for a reputable partner that specialises in developing efficient supply chains to help them save time and costs.

By partnering Bridgewater Logistics small businesses have been able to affordably access state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment that they need to efficiently store, move, pack and process orders from customers.

This is in addition to benefiting from the continued support of a skilled and experienced team of warehousing staff who are able to assist in timely deliveries and optimised distribution and, in so doing, keeping customers satisfied and engaged – critical for building reputations and brand images.

Importantly, optimised distribution and timely delivery also increases labour productivity and mitigates risks, such as errors and damage in order fulfilment, as well as lost and stolen goods during handling.

However, De Villiers notes that selecting the correct third-party logistics (3PL) provider for warehousing – the most commonly outsourced service offering – is significantly more complex than the processes involved in appointing a company to handle transportation.

“While we offer a comprehensive service, which includes distribution and long-haul transportation, there are so many factors to also consider before outsourcing warehousing requirements. These include, among others, the 3PL’s warehousing network and where these facilities are located; their cut-off time for orders and the insurance that they have in place for storage and delivery. This is in addition to the inventory-management processes and technologies that they deploy, considering the rapidly-changing face of logistics,” he says.

However, a major selling point for Bridgewater Logistics has always been its leading standing as one of the country’s foremost providers of cost-effective logistics solutions, designed to provide businesses of all sizes achieve and retain a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging economic environment.


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