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Flexibility enables small companies to scale-up their distribution models

Many smaller companies are partnering Bridgewater Logistics to provide them with the flexibility they need to establish and scale-up their distribution models, as well as grow into new markets with diverse customers.


“Partnering an experienced warehousing and distribution specialist provides flexibility in the supply chain and transportation network, as well as within the warehouse. While the capabilities of third-party logistics (3PLs) providers has long been harnessed by larger companies, smaller businesses and even start-ups are fast realising the importance of outsourcing their warehousing and distribution to a specialist,” Quinton de Villiers, managing director of this leading transports logistics provider, says.


Flexibility in the supply chain is achieved by synchronising inventory across all levels. By leveraging the distribution skills and expertise of Bridgewater Logistics, small- and medium-sized companies have been able to reduce their inventory carrying cost and optimally position their product in the market.


Meanwhile, the extensive skills and capabilities of the company have also been harnessed by shippers to swiftly adapt and align their distribution networks to changes and trends in transportation, such as limited driver capacity and rising fuel prices.


Flexibility in the warehouse is achieved through the ability to constantly streamline operational processes.


Bridgewater Logistics is constantly benchmarking the performance of its warehousing operations, a function that is undertaken by a dedicated team of experienced logisticians.  This has provided smaller companies and start-ups with affordable access to cutting-edge warehousing technologies and practices deployed by larger firms.


At the same time, transparent and well-communicated working practices deployed in the warehouse also enable the 3PL to provide feedback and insights that will add value to the clients’ business.


As he points out, a transport logistics service provider is strategically placed at the customer end of its client’s business. This, combined with extensive experience handling its client’s inventory, enables Bridgewater Logistics to respond efficiently to the evolving demands of a growing business.


Another benefit of outsourcing warehousing and distribution is affordable access to value-added systems, as well as state-of-the art technologies and methods that improve efficiencies and drive down warehousing and distribution costs.


A sound example of “smarter” warehousing is cross-docking. This capability enables Bridgewater Logistics to quickly divert product to the next point of distribution without storing it.


Another is consolidation whereby Bridgewater Logistics combines multiple small shipments into a larger load to also reduce transport costs.


Certainly, one of the biggest advantages of partnering a seasoned 3PL is the cost-savings that are achievable through improved productivity, increased efficiency and the optimisation of shipping and

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