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Entering the New Year with solid foundations for further growth

Bridgewater Logistics, one of South Africa’s foremost road-transport logistics specialists, enters 2019 with solid foundations in place to continue on its growth path.


First and foremost, the company’s team comprises talented people with the skills and experience required to ensure high levels of efficiency and productivity in this fast-paced industry where there is very little scope for error.


“Finding and retaining skills in the third-party logistics sector has long been a challenge, and needs to be given utmost attention by all industry participants. Bridgewater Logistics has built up a Meet the Bridgewater Team of people over the years with the skills we need to continue differentiating ourselves in this increasingly competitive industry. These skills span top-level management through to the ‘coal face’ – both of which are high pressured working environments,” Quinton de Villiers, managing director of Bridgewater Logistics, says.


Importantly, the company has also built up a strong network of partners, which includes shippers, other carriers and end-customers. This focus on the physical aspects of transport and distribution that is so often neglected by management teams will continue to ensure efficient-functioning supply chains.


“Bridgewater Logistics has built up a solid professional relationship with many shippers by being able to deliver according to the expectations that we have created. They are never disappointed when it comes to factors, such as packaging, on-time delivery and customer service. However, this does not mean that we have grown complacent, and we will definitely be building on our capability to deliver value in the new business year,” De Villiers says.


Consistently high levels of quality throughout all operations will also be maintained by the company’s solid reporting systems.


Bridgewater Logistics provides specialist transport and logistics consultancy services to industry, in addition to specialising in both long-haul and short-haul solutions. These are complemented by the company’s sophisticated warehousing and distribution capabilities.

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