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SMEs partner a reputable 3PL to navigate challenging economic environment

While Bridgewater Logistics is associated with many large companies and corporates, a large part of its client base also comprises small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to achieve the shortest possible cycle times and constantly develop and improve their supply chains.   “I am proud to say that Bridgewater Logistics has become part of… Continue Reading

Cross-docking – the devil is in the detail

There has been a marked growth in demand for cross-docking capabilities in the country, considering the many benefits this service offers businesses by being able to move products directly to a customer or retail chain with marginal to no handling, or storage time. However, there is more than meets the eye to running a successful… Continue Reading

Releasing the brakes on skills development

By Quinton de Villiers   I have often referred to limitations to hard infrastructure as a major risk to South African transport and logistics. However, there is another “softer” threat that has been looming in the shadows for a long time, and is now starting to make its presence known in our specialist industry.  … Continue Reading

Bridgewater Logistics balances security and convenience in warehousing

Warehousing is a vital component of the transport and logistics value chain. In addition to cutting-edge resources and infrastructure, businesses need a secure environment from where they are able to co-ordinate their distribution, or “smart” warehousing operations. Bridgewater Logistics’ state-of-the-art warehouse in Pomona, Kempton Park, serves as a staging and storage-management hub for many South… Continue Reading

Efficiencies, flexibility and responsiveness keep Bridgewater Logistics in the lead

While decisions to outsource transport and logistics functions are sometimes only based on the cost of the service, this is an extremely short-sighted approach. So says Quinton de Villiers, who is the managing director of Bridgewater Logistics, a leading South African third-partly logistics service (3PL) provider. “Our clients outsource these critical aspects of their operation… Continue Reading

The Difference Between Cross-Docking & Traditional Warehousing

  If you are in need of optimizing your product distribution and fulfilment services, you might want to employ a company that offers cross-docking services. There are numerous advantages to cross-docking that will help you save a lot of money, simplify shipping relationships and avoid the risk of damaged products. The aim of any shipping… Continue Reading

Another brick in the virtual mall

By Quinton de Villiers   South Africa may have lagged behind other countries in adopting e-commerce platforms; however, it is inevitable that the concept will eventually gain wide local acceptance. It will also have a similar impact here as it has had on traditional retail in developed countries, and South African third-party logistics providers (3PLs)… Continue Reading

Cross Docking and its Benefits

When it comes to logistics, there is more than one way to get your goods to your consumers and retailers. Some of them rely heavily on handling processes and warehousing which can drive the price of the logistics process up considerably. And while they may be perfectly suited to specific logistics tasks, there are some… Continue Reading

Bridgewater Logistic puts its weight behind road safety

Bridgewater Logistics continues to invest heavily into driver training and sophisticated technologies to ensure that it maintains its long and proud safety track record on South Africa’s roads. With the holiday season looming, the leading transport and logistics service provider urges all South Africans to also practice extreme caution on the country’s roads. “The carnage… Continue Reading

Who is fuelling important new road construction?

By Quinton de Villiers The extent of the failure of the “user pays” model that was adopted to finance the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, or “G-FIP, should be cause of concern for most businesses that rely on a fully-functioning road network. According to the South African National Roads Agency Limited, or “SANRAL”, only 30% of… Continue Reading

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