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Towards connected trucks and cities

By Quinton de Villiers   Global road transport companies are harnessing the significant advances made in telematics technology to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, and their South African counterparts are gradually following suit. At the most basic level, telematics technologies have enabled the improved monitoring of driver behaviour to bolster productivity and realise… Continue Reading

Bridgewater Logistics responds to evolving supply chains

Bridgewater Logistics’ state-of-the-art crossdocking operations support growing trends in supply-chain management, including just-in-time deliveries, as well as increased collaboration among participants and the rapid deployment of new and sophisticated technologies in supply chains.   “Our crossdocking operations reduce, or completely eliminate the time and costs of holding and handling inventory. This includes routing material and… Continue Reading

Affordable and quick access to “best-of-breed” warehousing capabilities

Partnering Bridgewater Logistics, one of the country’s leading third-party logistics providers (3PLs), has enabled businesses of various sizes to significantly increase their capacity to execute transactional and tactical warehouse processes. This is in addition to eliminating the need for fixed warehousing assets and reducing operating costs. Importantly, businesses also have access to the insights of… Continue Reading

High road mortality requires a radical solution

By Quinton de Villiers South Africa needs to urgently adopt a radically different approach to road safety if it intends solving its high road mortality rate. It stands out as among the highest in the world, with more than 130 000 people having lost their lives in accidents over the past decade. A sound starting point… Continue Reading

Flexibility enables small companies to scale-up their distribution models

Many smaller companies are partnering Bridgewater Logistics to provide them with the flexibility they need to establish and scale-up their distribution models, as well as grow into new markets with diverse customers.   “Partnering an experienced warehousing and distribution specialist provides flexibility in the supply chain and transportation network, as well as within the warehouse.… Continue Reading

Bespoke transport logistics solutions for industry

Bridgewater Logistics’ project-management arm is known for the high quality of its bespoke warehousing and distribution strategies. Quinton de Villiers, managing director of Bridgewater Logistics, says that there are a number of factors to consider when planning a transport logistics strategy. “It transcends storage facilities and deliveries to the exact location,” De Villiers says. “A… Continue Reading

Tread carefully when deciding to outsource transport and logistics

While outsourcing transport and logistics functions to a seasoned third-party logistics (3PL) provider will lead to efficiencies and cost-savings, a decision to do so needs to be done responsibly to mitigate any potential risks. Firstly, it is vital to ensure that control over the transport and logistics functions is handed over to a reputable and… Continue Reading

A holistic approach to logistics drives efficiencies

Businesses continue to benefit from Bridgewater Logistics’ state-of-the-art supply-chain solution that integrates warehousing, cross-docking, as well as distribution and line-haul transportation solutions. “Transportation and warehousing is now viewed as a critical component of supply chains. The responsibility of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) has, therefore, evolved from merely transporting, or maintaining and looking after goods and… Continue Reading

Are we prepared for a carbon tax?

By Quinton de Villiers   South Africa will soon be taking its first tentative steps towards honouring international commitments to reducing green-house gasses (GHG). This will be done by taxing businesses that emit carbon from industrial processes and through the combustion of fossil fuels. While an important and commendable move by government that is in… Continue Reading

Small tweaks make all the difference in warehousing

Bridgewater Logistics, a leading South African third-party logistics provider (3PL), is constantly benchmarking its operations to drive further improvements in warehousing efficiencies.   Warehousing is an essential pillar of the company’s comprehensive supply-chain management solution. It is complemented by cross-docking, logistics project management services, as well as both line-haul and distribution transportation solutions.   “Warehousing… Continue Reading

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