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Bridgewater Logistics drives high-performance supply chains

Some shippers still tend to only consider the cheapest available option when appointing a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The downside to this approach is that it is merely a compilation of cost-effective freight rates and does not take into consideration the overall lifecycle of logistics costs. Bridgewater Logistics has retained customers on a long-term basis… Continue Reading

Bridgewater Logistics in business for the long haul

Bridgewater Logistics is strategically positioned to continue providing an unrivalled transport logistics solution to businesses of all sizes, despite an extremely challenging economic environment in which the entire road-transport logistics industry and its customers are currently operating. Seven of the 10 manufacturing sectors reported negative growth rates in the first quarter of this year, while… Continue Reading

The race for “last-mile” fulfilment

By Quinton de Villiers   “Out-of-the-box” thinking is reinventing “last-mile” fulfilment, the last step in the supply chain that is currently the most crucial and problematic for retailers. Poor road infrastructure, geocoding issues, extremely remote areas and intense security that inhibit access to locations are among those factors that contribute towards the high costs and… Continue Reading

Businesses benefit from ongoing support from a robust team of logisticians

Bridgewater Logistics’ clients have peace of mind knowing that their logistics needs have been outsourced to a team of skilled and experienced professionals while they focus on their core responsibilities. “One of the key benefits of partnering a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) provider is access to specialist logistics skills and knowledge. Part of our role… Continue Reading

Specialised inventory-management services keep small businesses moving

Inventory management is among the main challenges small businesses face during the gestation period. “It ranks right up there with limited access to finance and difficulties in finding customers. Some of these businesses don’t track their inventory while others do not even have such a register. This can lead to late shipments, delayed order processing… Continue Reading

Towards connected trucks and cities

By Quinton de Villiers   Global road transport companies are harnessing the significant advances made in telematics technology to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, and their South African counterparts are gradually following suit. At the most basic level, telematics technologies have enabled the improved monitoring of driver behaviour to bolster productivity and realise… Continue Reading

Bridgewater Logistics responds to evolving supply chains

Bridgewater Logistics’ state-of-the-art crossdocking operations support growing trends in supply-chain management, including just-in-time deliveries, as well as increased collaboration among participants and the rapid deployment of new and sophisticated technologies in supply chains.   “Our crossdocking operations reduce, or completely eliminate the time and costs of holding and handling inventory. This includes routing material and… Continue Reading

Affordable and quick access to “best-of-breed” warehousing capabilities

Partnering Bridgewater Logistics, one of the country’s leading third-party logistics providers (3PLs), has enabled businesses of various sizes to significantly increase their capacity to execute transactional and tactical warehouse processes. This is in addition to eliminating the need for fixed warehousing assets and reducing operating costs. Importantly, businesses also have access to the insights of… Continue Reading

High road mortality requires a radical solution

By Quinton de Villiers South Africa needs to urgently adopt a radically different approach to road safety if it intends solving its high road mortality rate. It stands out as among the highest in the world, with more than 130 000 people having lost their lives in accidents over the past decade. A sound starting point… Continue Reading

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