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Time to take a peek inside the box

By Quinton de Villiers   The rise of predictive networks and technologies will have a far-reaching positive impact on the international transport and logistics sector, and South African third-party logistics (3PL) providers will also have to embrace them as our manufacturers strive to remain competitive in a global economy.   In the past, supply-chain information… Continue Reading

A motivated and loyal team keeps businesses moving safely

Skills development and the ability to retain competent people, including truck drivers, are at the core of Bridgewater Logistics’ success over the years. “Our mantra: ‘People, Performance and Partnerships’ proudly emphasises the credence we place on developing the skills of every member of our winning team to ensure that they stay motivated and loyal. This… Continue Reading

Fuel efficiency on top of Bridgewater Logistics’ agenda

While businesses may not be immune to the recent rampant fuel hikes, partnering a reputable road transport logistics expert has helped them mitigate their exposure to this risk. Quinton de Villiers, managing director of Bridgewater Logistics, says that the company’s many clients have access to a very efficient short- and long-haul truck fleet that is… Continue Reading

It’s a gas!

By Quinton de Villiers   It is encouraging to witness the concerted effort made by the international transport industry to develop a cleaner and more reliant fuel source. While electric-hybrid trucks dominated the international headlines in 2017, hybrid fuel cells have finally come under the spotlight this year. More recently, a large international transporter announced… Continue Reading

Small businesses access world-class logistics infrastructure and systems

Many smaller businesses are also turning to Bridgewater Logistics to provide the expertise and capabilities they need to operate a world-class road transport, as well as distribution logistics operation. “For many of these business owners, the complexity of the supply chain can be extremely daunting. They have, therefore, approached an expert in the field to… Continue Reading

A solid logistics strategy transcends merely appointing a 3PL

The importance of a sound logistics strategy can never be overemphasised, considering the large role that it contributes towards business success. “Logistics ranks second only to product quality in order of importance and neglect thereof, or poor planning of this critical aspect of business will, therefore, have large and long-term negative impacts. Unfortunately, there are… Continue Reading

Demand for strategic warehouse logistics expertise soars

By Quinton de Villiers The insatiable demand for warehousing space in South Africa is a trend that I continue to watch very closely as it mirrors the increasingly important role that logistics is playing in the day-to-day operations of local businesses. It is likely that this development will continue to gain momentum as imported goods… Continue Reading

State-of-the-art warehousing processes showcased

Bridgewater Logistics’ new warehouse in Cape Town has adopted the same winning principles that have been applied at its other operations, including those best practices at the flagship facility in Pomona, Gauteng. “The cornerstone of any efficient operation is effective management. This is a continuous process that ensures that we remain vigilant and never slip,… Continue Reading

Managerial input should guide the decision to outsource logistics

Organisations are increasingly outsourcing their transport logistics operations to an expert to allow them to better focus on their core activities. Bridgewater Logistics continues to demonstrate that, if managed correctly, this strategic decision can bring improvements in efficiencies that, in turn, lead to increased customer-service levels and lower operating costs. However, Quinton de Villiers, managing… Continue Reading

AI – a complex conundrum

The international transport logistics industry continues to take centre stage as a major driver of innovation, and this includes the successful introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into various components of the value chain. Leading truck original-equipment manufacturers are competing to be the first to commercialise driverless vehicles which, they claim, will improve productivity and safety… Continue Reading

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